This darling little skeleton bride may wait forever for her special day. She's been hand painted onto a domino tile using a variety of media, the sealed with several coats of varnish. The pendant is strung with green beads salvaged from vintage costume jewelry and two tiny skull beads salvaged from last Halloween. Colorful and delicate, this pendant is sure to be an eye catching addition to your jewelry wardrobe.

IfLooksCouldKill Shop

This White Leather purse has plenty of style and space . Perfect for the tattoo lover or the hipster making the scene. Features and area perfect to hold credit cards , id and makeup.The unicorn also has a rhinestone eye, and the rose has a rhinestone dew drop. It measures 8'x6' inches.
Thanks for looking


what is this supposed to be? It confuses me. Hes got this scinister evil look in his eyes and hes holding an axe. did grandma have this on her mantle piece? It is old, but who made this and why? Maby you can tell me?
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vintage, commercial, figurine, axe, little boy, creepy, morbid, strange

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jewelry, pendant, necklace, domino tile, skeleton bride, muertos, muerte, day of the dead, skellie, morbid, hand painted, ooak, one of a kind

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bags and purses, tattoo flash, unicorn, rock n roll, gothic, fetish, psychobilly, unique, handmade, rockabilly, vintage, zombie, whimsical

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Featured Item(s);

Mounted rubber stamp

*Love* ~ fun classic typewriter font

surface are
a of image is about
2 1/4" x 3/4"

A si
mple, quick way to create notecards
& stationery ~ a paper craft studio essential!

Sweet stamp to create valentines, Mother's Day
cards, tiny love letters!


Direct Link


Featured Item(s);

It's time to get organized for the New year! These beauties were handmade in the Etsy Labs. Each month's image was designed with care by one of your beloved Etsy Admin (Christine, Julie, Jared, Chris, Anda, Pete, Danielle, Ashley, and Matt).

The calendar pages are photocopied and include very important dates, such as national holiday's and Etsy Admin birthdays. The covers were screen-printed by hand with royal blue ink.The calendars have smooth rounded corners.

The covers come in a variety of colors--orange, yellow, lime green, pink, blue. If you have a color preference, please state in the message to seller. Otherwise, we will choose a lovely one for you.

When folded closed, calendar measures 8 1/2 inches by 5 1/2 inches.Direct Link



Featured Item(s);

This towel is great if you are in need of a little extra bling in your kitchen! Also perfect for a bridal shower, engagement party, wedding gift, or adding some major sparkle!

This 100% cotton kitchen towel has been hand printed with a linocut block print. It measures 20"x28" and comes wrapped in a green satin ribbon.
Nice and absorbent for drying dishes, looks great when company is over, and makes a great hostess or housewarming gift!
See the rest and buy a set!

Direct Link



Featured Item(s);

The Rabbit say to itself, `Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be late!' It TOOK A WATCH OUT OF ITS WAISTCOAT- POCKET, and looked at it, and then hurried on, Alice started to her feet and burning with curiosity, she ran across the field after it, and fortunately was just in time to see it pop down a large rabbit-hole under the hedge.

In another moment down went Alice after it, never once considering how in the world she was to get out again....

Beyond Wonderland rings(inspired by the white rabbit), and the Falling Alice acrylic cut-out, both decorated with swarovski crystals were combine into a pair of unique earrings.

** Due to the intricate design, the earrings is quite fragile- so please remember not to sit or just throw it into your bag. Handle it with care! :)

Direct Link
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Featured Item(s);

Oh my goodness! What a beautiful little corsage for your hand. The handpainted aqua blue flower is set with a sparkling Swarovski crystal center. The luxurious bloom rests atop an adjustable antique brass ring. Wear it with a fancy little dress to your next cocktail party -- This BIG sweet flower is sure to get you lots of nice compliments! Measures about 1" across and 3/4" high. Each flower is custom painted when you order and may vary a very wee, hardly noticeable bit from the photo above. I promise.

This exquisite ring is great for family dinner parties or just a day with your friends. The aqua color is different and unique , a great gift for any occasion.

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Featured Item(s);

You are looking at 1 square Victorian soap bar with a gorgeously detailed cross in the center. This soap is very art nouveau style! Measures 3" x 3" and over 1" thick. Carefully made with the finest, strongest oils and safe for sensitive skin too. I can make this solid white and color it a pretty pastel... OR.... I can make it from a clear base and give it transparent color. (Solid black is made from the clear base and is very dark). Cosmetic grade glitter is optional. YOU pick your fragrance and color!
4.50 US Direct Link

Not only do we love Gothic items , we adore them! Its not enough to just have Gothic inspired clothes and accessories but even soap. This exquisite creation is followed by many more in SpoilMeSinful's etsy shop.

Featured Item(s);s
Original Fine Art Photograph Title: Magnolia Photographer: Jared May Size: 8x10 Date: March 2007 Location: Manhattan, Kansas

20.00 US$
Direct Link

This wonderful photograph is beaming with life and energy and so is artists other photographs , This would make any house or room instantly warmer and filled with love.


Featured Item(s);
This artist provided a poem which can be read on her etsy shop page with her unique photograph , something that hits you directly in your heart and makes you wonder exactly the reason behind this wonderful piece of art. A lost love or a passing of someone who was truly cherished is all left to the imagination. Kudos to the artist for touching our hearts here at hmlove.

27.00 US$
Direct Link


Featured Item(s);

Have you been concerend about your lack of flair? Need more steampunk bling? Layers upon layer of watch parts, findings a gears combine in a fun and feminine pin. Truly a one of a kind piece of steamy goodness.

2x2 inches, this pin/brooch would look great on a leather jacket or heavy wool coat. Not recommended for lightweight fabrics. There are holes at the top of the base where you could easily attatch rings and place it on a chain or leather thong to wear as a necklace.

Not only were we blown away by this creative brooch we were amazed with all the fine detail. A great way to catch someones attention. Truly a wonderful piece of art.
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Featured Item(s);
White creamy soft wedding cake with pink heart necklace! Handmade with fimo polymer clay and silver chain. Approximate size of cake: 1" x 1" Chain is approximately 22" in total length.
$16.00 US$
Direct Link

What a great wedding gift for a friend , this lovely necklace is perfect for the newly engaged/married bride!

Her etsy shop contains more delicious treats that you can wear on your neck or hand. As she said these wonderful treats are everything but edible!


Featured Item(s);
These are rings made from real NES Power/Reset buttons. These aren't reproductions, I take them off of the button assembly myself! They are sold in pairs to fit your mood. Feeling sassy? Perhaps it's a power day. Stuck in a rut? Maybe it's time to reset. Or wear them both, just to advertise your nerddom in style. Remember, power on the left, reset on the right. Or the opposite. Whatever!

The rings themselves are high-quality silvertone findings. They are nice and adjustable, and hold their shape well (easy to expand, but hard to contract again).
9.95 US$
Direct Link

If your a nerd / geek or just into the fashion these geeky rings are for you. I would love to have a pair and probably wear the reset one on my bad days and the power one on the days I feel ontop of the world. Great to show off your mood and to be the talk of the nintendo convention!

Featured item(s);

Pale green, aqua and pearly beads, baubles and charms are clustered around a BIG carved skull. Genuine seashells and pearls, vintage glass and plastic beads, and ocean themed gold metal charms are securely attached to sturdy gold metal chain. Heart shaped key ring at the top.

Measurement: 5.75" long (14.6 cm) Big!
Skull bead measures: 1 1/8" (2.9 cm)
22.00 $ US
Direct Link

Her etsy store is filled with wonderful charms , magnets , key chains and etc. Wonderful gift for any occasion!

Featured Item(s);
This bag has a unique and yet really cute shape, measures 11.5" tall, 14" wide at widest point and 2.5" deep. The handles are 21.5" long.

Mid weight interfacing is applied to both outside and inside layer fabric to enhance the fabric sturdiness.

This bag has two outside pockets divided by four buttons, and gathered with elastic topping to give it an interesting look, which also prevents things from slipping out.
40.00$ US
Direct Link


Featured Item(s);

A new version of the Pirate Cupcake design that I have, he stands alone! Hand screen printed from an original design by me. 100% cotton Hanes t shirt in a 2T/3T size.

Arrrg! Shiver me Timbers! It's the Pirate Cupcake! Not to fear, he's a sweet pirate. But move over vanilla and chocolate, there's a new matey in the bakery case!

8.00 US$
Direct Link

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Rixie Delicious

Featured Item(s);
Vintage 50s 9" dinner plate in
blue gingham pattern. Great present for a flatmate. Text is in heat fused ceramic paint, non-toxic food safe and comes with a hanger.
25.00 US$
Direct link to item

If I only had a dime for every person I would give this too. ( Or just one damn specific person. ) This item is not only cute but totally witty. Who would expect a well designed plate with a low blow of an insult. Definitely not me. This item gave me quite of a chuckle.

Trixie also has other items with just as witty phrases on them for example a bright yellow coffee cup with the words " Pest " on it. Or another plate with the word " Trash ". Maybe its a great gift to give to a disrupting neighbor to put on their families table , ex boyfriend/girlfriend or just as a joke.

( Shop may contain mature language )

Scarlett Catt

Featured Item(s);
This is a 2.25" (5.7cm) pocket mirror, made with glass (not a flimsy foil insert - yuk!) and covered with a sheet of Mylar for protection.
Perfect for:
- makeup touch ups
- checking for spinach in your teeth
- discreetly seeing if that cute boy behind you is looking your way
10.00 US$
Direct Link to Item
I really don't think that I have to explain why this is absolutely awesome. Not only does it have a one of a kind design but its a pocket mirror also!


Featured Item(s);
Relive those treasured memories of the original NES with this felt purse! The felt is a light grey, with black, grey, and red felt hand-sewn on top to create the original NES controller. The purse is lined with a red patterned cotton to compliment the purse. The purse measures 10 inches wide by 5 inches tall with a 2 inch depth. The strap is about 28 inches long and is securely fastened to the purse.
Direct Link

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